What and Where is Terra Nova

My take on Terra Nova is not so much about space ships taking people off to another planet, but that the earth will raise her vibrations and ascend creating a new earth, where I believe that we will inhabit much lighter physical bodies. As the human race raises its vibrations there will be a return to our natural 12 strand DNA state of being, there will be no need to eat as we will live off off the pure energy of liquid gold (sunlight);  this process will automatically shift us into Terra Nova…’The return to Heaven on Earth’.

The earth at this time is receiving high doses of gamma rays from the photon belt, those people that have prepared their physical bodies ready to take the massive surge of light will ascend. However, others will not be able to cope with the high energy, although everyone will have equal opportunity to ascend, these people will stay in the 3D of the old earth; I believe that this energy is responsible for the earthquakes and weird weather patterns we are experiencing at this time.

Meditation will help us prepare our self as we need to learn how to  move between the 4th and 5th dimension whilst in the waking state, using the alpha and theta brainwaves as portals to these dimensions, the Atlanteans were of 12 strand DNA and were capable of telepathy and teleportation; this will, I believe, lead to our ‘The Awakening‘. The key to the awakening is via the heart, the stronger the feeling of unconditional love for all things the easier it is to enter the fifth dimension; the heart sends signals to the pineal gland which helps open the third eye chakra, which leads to:

‘The all seeing eye – The knowing’


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