What is Time?

What is Time?

dandelion clock

It’s said that Man invented time, however I believe that he just measured what he saw; the universe is full of patterns. Primitive man lived by the rise and fall of the sun, and the coming and going of the seasons, his body was in circadian time; the most natural and healthy way to live.  Perhaps time began when man began to count, and make note of what he saw; this evolved into a more precise way of ‘accounting’. This accounting became a record of time passed, a calendar of events, which could be used to mark (prophecy) what was to come. Man was then able to break the year down into months and days with names, by using the sun he was able to refine this further, breaking the day down into segments. As man evolved again he was able to keep measure of time by using clocks, which detailed hours, minutes, and seconds.

The industrial revolution ushered in the steam train then began an obsession with time, clock watching, so man knew when to expect the trains, ships, buses etc.; thus began linear time; speed became the bench-mark of success, or in the Titanic’s case failure. The cottage Industry with its slow natural pace of life gave way to the machine age; factory owners began to measure their output. Needing the factory workers to produce more, they began to log the working man’s performance, thus the working man was measured, ‘clocking’ on and off began. Time and speed became more important, It coined such phrases as ‘Time is money’, ‘Time waits for no man’, ‘running out of time’ etc. Living within the constraints of linear time modern man has become time obsessed and controlled, causing stress to the mind and body. With this lack of synchronicity with the normal circadian time the rush to fill up time productively has made us forget how to relax, how to ebb and flow with nature; leading to dis-ease.

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